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Oliver und der boese Wolf – Art Media Research

SonicRug LIVE

Sonic Rug is a smart textile project exploring the possibilities of connecting soft material to the digital space.
In this Hackathon data from a touch-sensitive carpet will be open to be translated into different media. The idea is to playfully diversify ideas, reflect on the use of haptic interfaces and discuss futuristic thoughts. Smart world, Internet of things, Utopia/Dystopia here we come!
Create, control, transform your sound, visuals and programs… on a rather unconventional interface!

Hackathon: 11-18
Presentation/Cocktail: 18:30-22

Event Space, Ruby Marie Hotel & Bar
Kaiserstraße 2-4, 7. Bezirk

We’d be happy to see you there!
Selina & Oliver

More information on the project Sonic Rug:

More information on the Vienna Design Week (29.9.-8.10.17) on:

Listen to us on our Live Stream

If you want to participate from whereever you are we can send you a script that enables you to receive the data produced by the Sonic Rug. It also enables you to send up to 10 values back that can be used in the space by our artists.

Send us an email to request the script


sonic rug sessions - JAM

sonic rug sessions - SOLO #2 - Teaser

sonic rug sessions - SOLO #1

sonic rug sessions - SOLO #2

Live pieces

Transient #01

Transient #02

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